The Models

Commercial Photography


Commercial – AKA; Product Advertising. Commercial Photography was my college major. The intent will never change, but the processes are limitless and will continue to evolve way beyond my lifespan. It hasn’t always been this way.  Back in my days creativity was limited and stiefeled by the “accepted standards” of the times.  We were required   Read More …

Fashion/High Fashion


The difference between Fashion and High Fashion is attitude IMHO. They are both aspects of commercial photography, we’re selling the Dress, the Handbag, Jewelry, etc. and the model is only a tool for displaying the dress, the handbag, the jewelry, etc. A “great” High Fashion shot usually requires working with a team of professional; Makeup   Read More …

Beauty Photography


Beauty Photography, is an area where I excel. It’s an exciting concept, far more time consuming and far more complex than one would imagine. This is where the collective creativity really comes together and I love the interaction with other creative professionals. This type of work is so highly specialized and very beneficial to Makeup   Read More …