Easy GreenScreen Plugin for Photoshop

Working in Photoshop.

Assuming you have installed the Easy Green Screen plugin, as per manufactures instructions and you have an image open, we are ready to go. To launch the Easy Green Screen Plugin, go to File > Scripts > Easy Green Screen, after it initializes you will be presented with this option screen. I always select: Preserve Max Hair Detail and Yes to edge shadowing. I move the edge shadowing slider to about the center. These are both settings you are going to need to play with in the beginning. Its all relative to your lighting, your model and his/her clothing, your particular computer and it’s operating system may also have some effect. After processing the same image four or five time, I decided these settings worked best for me – on my laptop running Win7/CS5. It is slightly different on my workstation running WinXP/CS4. Play with it yourself, you will find the best setting very quickly!!

HINT: If you are see to much background garbage, perhaps less Edge Shadowing, or a level less then Max, on Preserve Detail for Dark Hair. I like a little shadow myself. With Edge Shadowing, set to No, I did not have any and was forced to draw in some shadowing later in Photoshop… If you have managed to compose an image not requiring a full body shot, shadows will not be as much of a concern. If your subject is standing/sitting in a scene you may need some shadowing. Your digital scene will dictate shadow requirements.

There are several points I want you to notice here:
First: you will notice the plugin duped your original and produced a copy of it. (I love this)
Second: look at the layer pallet and you will see the finished image generated several masked layers.
Finally: lets look closely at the image itself for issues.

Starting with my second point: I do not want to adversely effect the plugin’s output set, because it is so clean. I will need to tweak several areas within the image in different ways. I prefer to work on a dupe of the set and I might as well work with one layer. So I will merge the three masked layers into one new layer, while preserving the originals set. To do this:
A.) Select the three masked layers.
B.) While holding down the the Alt key, click on the little down arrow at the top of your layer pallet to open up the layer properties sub menu.
C.) Next click Merge Layers. Don’t let go of the Alt key before completing this step or you will merge the original layers into one
Finally; I like to create a group folder and move the originals into it, then turn off the eye ball on the folder, so that i am only looking at the new copy of the merged layer. Before I make any alterations to my new layer, I will link my new layer with the group (GreenScreen). By doing this my new working copy will always retain the same physical aspects and geometric coordinates. Should I need to go back for any reason, the time required will be minimal and the accuracy will be dead on.. Highlight the new layer + the new folder> Right click> Link Layers.

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