Easy GreenScreen Plugin for Photoshop

Fine Tuning the Image.

Now we can carefully fine tune our image. I do have a slight green cast reflecting back into Kelly’s blonde hair. I will need to go around the edges and make a color adjustments to 4 or 5 small spots. There are several ways to do this. You can use the lasso tool, I like to make them all at one time, so I will use Quick Masks, then Select/Inverse.
After resolving the green cast in the hair, I will go ahead and touch-up the image as I would normally; adjust the curves, brightness & contrast, color, skin touch-ups as needed, etc. Whatever is the norm for you and your style.
I also noticed a heavy shadow along the bottom of the image. This ‘shadow’ is actually the piece of green felt I laid down under the leading edge of my Chroma-Key backdrop.. I will erase this very carefully before proceeding.

The Final Step.

Finally we are ready to add our digital background. With the layer Add Backdrop selected, paste in your background. If you are lucky, you are finished. I was not so fortunate and will require several adjustments in order to make the image ‘believable’. I see a gray cast or her leg and calf that needs some color. The back lighting I added at the last minute was to high and now I will need to adjust the image in Photoshop.

To make these corrections I will use masked Adjustment layers. To do this:
1.) Highlight the ‘Kelly’ layer in your layer pallet.
2.) Click the little half darkened circle at the bottom, center of my layer pallet.
3.) When presented with the option menu, I selected Curves. I made the adjustment I felt the image needed. The adjustment layer altered the entire image. I only want to shad and darken the back of her head and shoulder.
4.) To hide this effects from the entire image, hold down your Ctrl Key and press I at the same time. This will Invert your mask and Hide All, effects.
5.) Now click in the center of the Curves adjustment Mask. Notice the little frame around the black mask? You have selected the mask.
6.) Now using the white paint brush set at about 20% flow rate, paint the areas that needs to be darkened. To see/hide the effects of this mask, click on the adjacent eye ball on the left side, layer pallet. The effects of your adjustment layer should become obvious.

The beauty of using Masked Adjustment Layers, is that if you go to far, just change to the Black paint brush to add the masking effect back. White – Reveal All Masks, are exactly the reverse. Black paint hides all, white paint shows all. For even more control you can adjust the Flow or Opacity sliders of the layer.

In retrospect I didn’t need the second fill behind my model. I could have saved myself some valuable time, but then you would not have seen my simple method of dealing with it. I’m still pleased with the image and the total time required was about 10 minutes. Granted Kelly has a perfect figure and a perfect complexion. Working with a Pro model who only gives you flattering poses really helps. (my little disclaimer; Your time may very).

  1. I see your blog has some unique & fresh content.
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    • Well you’re in luck Graffer! I just made a deal with a gorgeous fashion/glamour model and we’re going to shoot this very subject in a couple of weeks 🙂

      All the best

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