This is the first of a two part, in depth field test with the Pixel King flash triggers. The Pixel King flash triggers are available for a wide array of modern, TTL camera systems. Mine just happens to be designed for Nikon’s. I used the triggers with various other non-TTL, third market speedlights and with Nikon SB-600/800/900 speedlights, as noted below.

How did I ever manage to work at all before these little jewels came into my life! For those of you unaware, the Pixel King flash trigger system is an alternative to the high end systems on today’s market. Such as: Pocket Wizards and Radio Poppers. Having not used an iTTL flash trigger system before, I was of course, very skeptical and anxious to really see what these devices could do for my outdoor lighting.

PixelKing iTTLBefore I get too involved with the road test itself, let’s look at the specs and some of the minor details that seem to be easily misinterpreted. First of all, (on Nikons) the triggers do respond to Channels and Groups as defined by the Nikon CLS, Creative Lighting System. However the Pixel King flash triggers cannot be used to control all CLS menu functions, specifically; power/light output. I misunderstood this myself and probably would not have bought them had I been crystal clear on that. I am told this is not the case with Canon systems and that Canon systems may change light output as normal. I have developed a simple workaround to overcome this.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I discovered your page and I just had to say, I love your writing style and your passion for the topic.

  2. Sammy says:

    Can you use these in various locations? indoors? busy electrical environments?

    • Dave says:

      Hi Sammy,
      I love using these outdoors, the range is so much better than without the PixelKing and the speedlights fire every time.
      I haven’t used them in electrical environments, but I will try too soon. I do not anticipate any issues..

      I know you can use them indoors, but I have not, yet. They work very well around corners, and on the other side of fences. Defiantly something CLS will not do :)

  3. Henery says:

    do you have any regrets? would you buy them again?

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