This workshop is designed to accelerate your knowledge and skill-set in versions of Photoshop from 6.0 through CS5 and Photoshop Elements 4 &  5. I will teach you  all of the slick tricks to make the most of your time with a higher quality finished product. This workshop is ideal for Models Photographers, Makeup Artists or anyone else who whats to take the drudgery out of Photoshop, increase your speed and proficiency and while having more fun at the same time. I will make this easy and fun too!!

* Configuring Photoshop for Speed and Production.
Before we can get into heavy production we need to optimized Adobe Photoshop so that we can make the best of our resources and not bog down our machine. We will setup our workspace so that it’s a comfortable working environment designed for digital image editing.
* Intro to the ToolBar.
* Writing Actions.
Why spend all of your time with repetitive tasks? Let’s let unleash some of the power in Photoshop so we can free up our valuable time for the funner things in life.
* The QuickMask Tool/Feature.
The Quickmask tool is the center piece for all the editing skills you will ever need. We’re skipping months ahead of the others with these advanced techniques and building a solid foundation to excel your skill-set into the future.
* Resizing for that Perfect Print.
Have you ever been disappointed from your prints on-line? Stop wasting dollars and be assured of your exact results before submitting your images to Costco or Walgreen for Printing.
* A Face-lift.
Five amazing steps to erase years off your face and body.
* Trimming the Fat.
Learn 3 proven techniques to Cut the Fat and there undetectable too!
* Intro to Post Processing for digital Photographers.
If your spending more then 30 minutes post processing a photoshoot, then your spending too much. Learn the secrets professionals use to process a photoshoot with speed and consistent results.
* Advanced Actions to Save Your Time.
Learn the basics of batch processing, Automate to make Photoshop work for you and not the other way around! Learn to use Scripts to create beautiful Calendars in an hour or less.

* Included in this workshop is a copy of my second book Photoshop for Models on CD-ROM.

This workshop is scheduled for July 31st, 2011 9:am through 4:pm at 20 Marcie Cir. South San Francisco, CA. 940080

Photoshop for Models & Digital Photographers
July, 31st, 9:am - 4:30pm Introduction to Photoshop, comes from my first book; "Photoshop for Models" and was designed to assist my model friends who needed to know the basics to maintain their websites. This course will accelerate your knowledge and skill-set well into the advanced stages. This course is ideal for Models Photographers, Makeup Artists or anyone else who whats to take the drudgery out of photoshop and unleash their creativity while increasing their speed and proficiency. Read More/Book Now

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Welcome to my site! I am an award winning, freelance Commercial Photographer, a Photojournalist and Graphic Artist with over forty years of experience. I like to consider myself more of an artist than anything else. I was first published at the age of 16 and have been published numerous time since in magazines, trade journals, and newspapers. I specialize creatively in architecture, beauty photography, product advertising, sports and modeling portfolio development. Photography is the driving force of my life and the essence of my soul, it’s in my DNA. I look at all things in an artistic way, from the simplicity of a drop of dew on a blade of grass to the complexities of a ballet or opera.

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