Shooting on a ChromaKey. In this hands-on workshop you will learn while doing and leave with the knowledge and lighting skills while jump starting your success at the same time. You will be building a foundation of consistently along with the added bonus of improving your base images and thus decreasing the time required in post processing with a higher quality finished product. Not to mention the eye popping additions you will leave with for your own portfolio.

By the time you finish you will knowledge and basic technical skills to simply and effectively start taking advantage of this unique art form yourself. We will demonstrate the best studio lighting techniques for ChromaKey to ensure ease and success every time. We will divide this workshop into two parts.
1.) Shooting on the green screen. We will shoot a verity of poses in the studio with our models against the Green Screen.
2.) We will then head into the classroom to demonstrate how to edit these images and replace the backdrops with various images and image types.

During this workshop we will discuss and teach you…

  • The 8 steps to success every time.
  • The differences in backdrop colors and the advantages in each.
  • Third Party Products & Photoshop Plugins that will assist you. Photoshop not required!
  • How to cut out any photo in Photoshop.
  • The differences of Continuous Lights and Strobe’s.
  • Placement of lights to make your post processing easy and effective.
  • How to determine the number of lights to use.
  • How to use a flash meter to measure lights.
  • How to set your camera for studio lighting and radio triggers.
  • How to pose the model for various lighting conditions.
  • The advantages of various commercial plugins.
  • Where to economically find ready made backgrounds.
  • How to make your own backgrounds.


It’s only in a group event such as this could we make this offer possible or so affordable. To rent the studio, and the lighting equipment, hire the professional Beauty/Glamour Models, Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists would cost you more then $400.00 alone. We will design and guide you with the technical expertise to create eye popping works of art! Plus not to mention the knowledge and confidence you will carry forward from this once in a life time event!

This Workshop Is Limited To 25 Attendees. We Are Expecting To Sellout! Don’t Miss This Wonderful Opportunity!!

* Scheduled for July 16th, 2011, Location; #20 Marcie Cir. South San Francisco, CA 94080.

* Discounts for Redwood City Meetup Group if booked before July 4th*
You will find a discount code posted on my RWC MeetUp, profile; to save 25% at time of checkout!

Shooting on a ChromaKey
July 16th, 9:am-4:30pm Are you bored with shooting the same old identical poses on the same old identical backdrops? You have heard “Blue Screen” could be the path for you but you just art not sure how to get started and don’t what to invest a fortune to get started? I faced a learning curve back in the early days of this technology through trial and error. Today the entire process is simplified through the use of Photoshop and plugins as well as stand-alone applications. I'm going to teach you how simplified the process is today for little or nothing. Read More/Book Now

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Model releases for this event are included at the end of the workshop. These voluntary releases are provided and allow you to use the images on-line non-commercially. Cancellation Policy at this first-come, first-serve event. Don’t get left behind, don’t miss out on a wonderful opportunity. *Third party software and/or Photoshop plugins are not included with this workshop.


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