Hi, I’m Dave. Welcome to my site! I am an award winning,  freelance Commercial Photographer, a Photojournalist  and Graphic Artist with over forty years of experience. I like to consider myself more of an artist than anything else. I was first published at the age of 16 and have been published numerous time since in magazines, trade journals, and newspapers. I specialize  creatively in  architecture, beauty photography, product advertising, sports and modeling portfolio development.

Photography is the driving force of my life and the essence of my soul, it’s in my DNA. I look at all things in an artistic way, from the simplicity of a drop of dew on a blade of grass to the complexities of a ballet or opera. Everything and everybody is beautful if shown in the right light. The beauty of Photography is light and light is everything.

I work and think differently than other photographers. I pay absolute attention to every detail before  each shot and usually shoot between 4 to 24 shots per subject/location and then I move on. I shoot every image as if “it’s the one.” I would rather walk away with one totally killer “10” shot than shoot fifteen hundred “7’s” and this is what you need too!!!

I work in both mediums, Digital and Film up to 4″x5″. The world is my studio, and I enjoy working virtually anywhere, on locations or in the controlled environment of a modern studio and the Digital Darkroom. I use modern, high quality equipment to shoot and process my digital work. Each of the 300 Dpi, 12.8 Megapixel, files individually for the ultimate quality under any viewing condition – print or web.

Enjoy my site!