Gels for speedlights

Gels for Speedlights

My buddy Ron, of Ethereal Pixels, turned me on to this awesome little Must Have set of gels. These sample gels from Rosco, are available from many photography suppliers and linked from the Amazon e-Store to your right.

I love these, I simply flip down the diffuser on my Speedlight to hold the gel in place and fire away. The set includes over 256 gels in all and I paid something like $5.00 for the sample set, plus shipping and handling.

Be very careful, consistent usage can cause the gels to melt and distort badly. I have come close to being burned removing these after a half hour of heavy use.


I love anything to do with Do It Yourself, sometimes I’m a sucker and will waist twice the time building something then I could have bought it for… BUT…. It needs to perform! Here I will rate some DIY photography projects and equipment.