Cleaning Your Jets

Cleaning the Epson Stylus Pro 7880 Printer Head, manually is pretty easy.

7800-head-releaseI like to use a generic Windex solution, something with a lot of ammonia. What ever you do, do not use the foamy type window cleaner. Then I fold up a paper towel and douse it good, not to the point where its running or dripping off, but very wet.
Depress the cutter blade A. about half way.
Pull easily on B, towards the left and over the soaked paper towel. Be careful not to snag the paper towel. You may need to back the printer head back and smooth it out a bit, if you do snag it.

7800-print-head 7800-papertowle

Once you have completely covered the windex/ammonia soaked paper towel, close up all of the covers and let set for several hours or even over night. The next day gently push the printers head back to the right and remove the paper towel. If you notice excess ink under the paper towel, you should also wipe this up with another windex/ammonia soaked paper towel.