Constructing a Runway Set

Every sense Jim, published his article on Shooting in Small Spaces, we have had several letters requesting more. I’m personally a studio snob. I love large rooms with high ceilings, but occasionally I am forced to shoot in smaller rooms myself. One winter I was driven out of my studio by some construction in an adjacent unit and forced to shoot in my living room for several months. I thought this might go well with the small studio subject.

A lot of you have been asking about my runway work and how to approach the fashion world about shooting on their runways. I’m thrilled you like my Runway work and the girls will be too!  To be quite honest, the Runway was an accident, an optical illusion. I had a shoot I had hoped to rush through a couple of looks, so I setup two shots in advance.

I started off with a ¼” x 4’ x 8’ panel from the Home Depot. I laid it on the floor, overlapping the backdrop by approximately 2 feet and proceeding off the backdrop into the room.  I taped a 3’ wide piece of silver window insulation to the center of the white panel.  I had intended to use the ripple, reflective effect for an art shot and then remove it for my second look.

Once I was happy with the light, I showed my model the image on the cameras LCD. She went crazy, exclaiming it looked much better than any of her runway shots in her port. To add the final touch I moved the backdrop strobes in a bit, so that they would be included in the shot.

To enhance the elevated illusion, even more I added a graduate (black/clear) shadow effect to each side of my white panel board in Photoshop. That was the only Photoshop required 🙂

The reflective window film has long sense worn out. I was not as happy with it as I am the carpet remnant that I am using now.  My next project will be to line the edges of my runway with white Christmas tree lights..  Be creative and have fun!!