DIY Beauty Dish

The DIY Beauty Dish:

I used Tyler Burk’s method to build my Beauty Dish last year. It was simple to build and took about 45 minutes as described on his site. My local auto supply didn’t carry the 3,1/2″ convex mirror I needed for the front of the CD spindle, I finally found a 5″ mirror at Micheal’s Art Supply. I used black electrical tape to attach the mirror which worked very well. Later I found the perfect mirrors at Wally World, but I have never gotten around to swapping it out.

This shot of Bailey to the left is one of the better examples I have using the DIY Beauty Dish. Notice the light on her right, it seems a little hot for me. The light is very hard to control and it’s not consistent. It dose work good as a large reflector, but it’s just not effective as a “Beauty Dish” IMHO..



Over the past year I have really put this design through it’s paces and I must admit I am not very pleased with the results. It functions more like a large reflector then it does a Beauty Dish. This is the primary reason for justifying the $60 portable Beauty Dish from e-Photo (pictured above) This dish works great as a 14″ reflector and the light loss is minimal. It’s very light weight, but bulky and difficult to pack in with your other equipment.

The DIY dish is not something I would recommend for someone who needs the lighting qualities of a real Beauty Dish.