Epson Wide-Format Printers

epson7880-01A note about myself: For the past 17 years I have worked as a systems/network engineer and I have quite a collection of certifications in various operating systems, hardware devices and network protocols. I am NOT an Epson certified technician! Some if not all of the information given on this page can or will void your warranty.  It all worked for me and saved me a ton of dollars and time! You may wish to consider the advice on this page carefully before putting it into practice on your own equipment!! My notes and/or comments regarding Epson technical support, are my own opinion, based on my experience within the industry and how I was taught to treat clients needing assistance. 

I am adding a printing section here because reliable information is so damn hard to find to find on the internet and you can forget Epson technical support, they’re horrible! They’re under trained, do not know their own products or have the vaguest clue on the operating systems their products are connected to.

I have owned the Epson Stylus Pro 7880 for more than 5 years and I love it!! Until last week it has always delivered flawless prints without a single problem (other than drivers, which Epson really needs to work on!). The 7880 has delivered perfect consistency the entire time. 🙂

Because of this flawless performance sense day one, I tend to forget about the printer and it’s special needs. A lot of these “special needs” cannot be found in the Epson owners manual. Finally one day last week, light magenta stopped printing completely.  My Light Magenta jet was clogged and while searching for information, I learned several other little tidbits of information I was doing wrong all of these years.

  1. First, as a systems engineer I leave all of my computers running all of the time. Its the hard drive spin-up and spin-down that makes your computers hard drive eventually brake down and crash.  Not so with the Epson wide format printers. When you start the printer it runs a cleaning routine, that is needed to keep your ink jets clean and your printer running at peek performance. So turn it off when not in use for days at a time!
  2. The printer needs to print daily or at least weekly. But I had nothing I wanted printed and I did not want to waste supplies. (Did I mention the 7880 goes through ink faster then a crack whore goes through cocaine? Well, it does!!), but as I now understand “feet” of printed material is not the requirement. A simple Nozzle Check is significant to keep your printer happy and running great!!  A nozzle check only uses approximately three inches of paper.
  3. Over the years the pads that the print head sits on has dried out, causing a huge mess left on the print head, that now requires attention. I used distilled water to moisten these pads. According to what I read over saturated pads should be avoided.

As soon as I take the photos, I will add a page on cleaning the printer head and moistening these pads the printer head rests on when not in use 🙂


This information refers to Epson wide format printers. Including, but not limited to the 3700 series, 4000 series, 7000 series and 9000 series wide format printers.  Some of this information pertains to the Epson 7880 Only.  You should avoid the distilled water trick with some of the newer x900 or x990 series wide format printers. I.E.  3790 and 7990, in particular..