I/E TTL Cables

i/e TTL Cables

I have been shooting outdoors a lot the past few weeks. I’m working on a new article “Shooting Outdoors with a Beauty Dish” for GlamModelz  Magazine and of course this site.  (yes, I’m listening to you)

Since I’m using the e-Photo Beauty Dish as my primary fill. (under a noon sun), I did not want to rely on CLS to trigger my strobe at distances I’m comfortable with. I had I really needed a longer iTTL cable, Nikon only offers a 3′ coiled cable  that stretches to 10′  But anyone who has actually attempted to use these cables close to there limit can attest, that is ridicules!!

I found this 5 meter cable pictured above at Adorama and it’s Rocked my World. I am  no longer fighting and tugging my Beauty Dish to get that perfect shot. Adorama offers this cable for both Nikon and Canon through the lens flash systems. I have even used the Nikon cable on my Hasseblad a time or two (manual mode of course),  Don’t tell on me  🙂