Selecting the perfect camera bag.

Selecting the Perfect Camera Bag

Cameras are expensive and therefore to protect your investment it’s essential that you have an adequate camera bags for the cameras protection. Not to mention all of the accompanying gadgets, lenses and so on. You must consider the equipment and dollar value which you carry around and where you are carrying it too in order to select the proper camera bag.

While purchasing any camera bag take care to inspect the bags construction. Is it double stitched fabric with extra heavy straps? Fabric of camera bags should be suitable for the environment you intend to carry it into. For example, something made from vinyl may be suitable for damp conditions, but are not durable and not a wise choice for heavy equipment. Cordua is one of the most popular products on the market today. It’s very strong, waterproof, light and with padding material can be very suitable for our general needs.

Partitions and compartments are essential to protect your equipment. Your small investments will appreciate not touching and rubbing against each other while on a world tour. Different internal partition for each component is very important to ensure the equipments security. Bag must be enclosed with string and reliable zipper as zippers provide greater protection than any other form of closure. I prefer bags with movable dividers, because they are more flexible for storing accessories of various shapes and sizes.

Fanny Packs, or belt pouches are extremely useful when carrying only a few items or small point and shoot cameras. Most photographers prefer buying shoulder bags because they are easy to carry, easily accessible and comfortable to carry and work with, while allowing both to remain free. Backpacks are becoming very popular everywhere. Especially when traveling and with new airport regulations for carry-on luggage.

ePhoto’s new bag.

I just managed to score this new backpack style camera bag from my friends at ePhoto Inc. It fits my needs perfectly and even has a very thick padded compartment for my laptop. Typically I will not take my laptop on day trips, but when traveling for several days or when flying this added feature is essential.

I feel this camera bag is an exceptional value, introductory priced in the $50.00 range. I love the padded movable compartments, that attach with Velcro. This allows me the ability to redesign the camera bag to fit my needs and very quickly too. I can reconfigure this bag for my medium format equipment or 35mm/digital equipment within minutes. You can attach tri-pods or light stands easily to the outside. Its large enough to carry everything except for a few of the larger light modifiers…. I guess you can’t have it all 🙂

I hope this helps,
~ Dave

Special thanks to my beautiful, professional model Cierra Peel for her contribution to this article.
This article was originally posted on GlamModelz Magazine and posted here with permission.