Pocket Wizard TT1 for Nikon’s iTTL

Pocket Wizard TT1 for Nikon’s iTTL

Submitted by Ron: EtherealPixels.com

I took delivery on one of these babies last week and shot with it a few days following. For those unfamiliar with it, when coupled with PW’s newer generation of transceivers, you get most of the iTTL functionality available with Nikon CLS or Canon’s iTTL via the radio wireless link, enabling high speed sync with certain studio monolights, such as the new Buff Einstein units. By the way, the Einsteins are awesome!!!!!

Anyway, I in case anyone buys the Mini, I wanted to give you a heads up that the X-sync doesn’t work right out of the box with Nikon, and may not with Canon either. Naturally, this is not documented by PW. I ended up with sync banding on my images at 1/250 sec, which obviously should never happen. There are some setting changes required on the Nikon and the PW utility to make the simple X sync work. Since most people will be using conventional, manual X sync, I don’t understand why PW doesn’t have this documented. So… if you pick one of these little babies up, drop me a note or contact their tech support before operating it. BTW… the device itself is awesome… small, internal antenna, runs on a lithium flat cell battery, and hopefully will deliver high-speed sync as promised. 🙂

Here’s what needs to be done with the PW Mini on a newer Nikon:
Please check the camera menu under the pencil mode, go to “E-1” and select 250th (Auto FP). Also if you shoot RAW do not use 14 bit.

Next go to the PW Utility and connect the Mini. Click on Advanced Mode box at the bottom of the page. Under the channel tab De-select the box for “ControlTL Transmit Priority at X-Sync”

Best Regards

Hey Ron, thanks so much for the first hand review and heads up. We all appropriate it 🙂