Review: PixelKing Flash Triggers

I recently bought a set of Pixel King radio flash triggers for Nikon, (for Canon) for $170, with shipping (2 receivers, 1 trigger).. Pixel King radio triggers are an alternative iTTL compatible flash triggering system. I just had the opportunity to really put them through their paces – inside, outside, on the beach, in the fog and around corners. They came with all kinds of cables and accessories. You can attach the receivers to virtually any manufactures studio system without buying a thing (Normans/Speedtrons excluded). TTL and High Speed Sync (FP) modes worked excellent all day, from the very first shot on.

I used 2 Nikon Speedlight’s, on 2, channels and groups, starting with my default CLS configuration, that was already configured in my camera. I was not able to control the output power levels from the cameras CLS menu (I have a work-a-round). I have not had the opportunity to test maximum range and probably never will, but as far away as 150 feet they worked flawlessly, even in environments where I would have expected electrical interference to be an issue.

Stay tuned for next month’s detailed test shoot!!


– So simple to program. With both Channels and Groups, as per your CLS menu.

– The freedom to move around as you wish is invaluable!!

– Flawlessly performance in High Speed Sync and TTL mode (with supported equipment).

– They work exceptionally well out of site and around corners, from the camera.

– Small and compact design, easy to carry and use in field.


– Battery life is OK, but not as high as advertized.

– Although I did not have the focusing issues some have complained about, I did experience a little difficulty with this. This was easily fixed with a piece of black electrical tape.

– The transmitter and receivers do look very similar and could be confusing perhaps? (if you were inebriated).

– I wish they had a test button.

Manufacturers Description

  • 7 user selectable channels, 2.4GHz two way communication, operation range over 100 meters.
  • King For Nikon
    1. Support I-TTL, TTL,M, BL, FP function.
    2. Up to 3 difference group and 7 combination on the flash transceiver.
    3. Support all the shutter speed, sync speed up to 1/8000s;using the PC socket control the studio light which also support 1/8000s sync speed.
    4. Multi controls the speedlight or studio strobe systems.
  • Interface
    • Tx – USB, PC cable outlet, hot shoe input and hot shoe output.
    • Rx – USB, PC cable outlet, hot shoe output.
  • Power Supply: Tx and Rx – 2 each 1.2V AA (supports rechargeable batteries)
  • Standby time: Tx – 5 years, Rx – 250 hrs
  • Working Time: Tx – 100Hrs, Rx – 120Hrs


My beautiful cover model is: Michelle V, She may be contacted directly from her ModelMayhem profile. Michelle’s cover photograph was supplied by Dave Davis Photography. This article was written by Dave Davis Photography for GlamModelz Magazine.