Strobist Softbox

Strobist Softbox:

e-Photo also offers 24″ and 16″ softboxes for portable flash systems. They are sold individually or in sets of two, with or without light duty light stands.

This softbox is made with a twist and flip to open design and are very sturdy when open. They come in a handy little pouch for carrying and they are easy to assemble. These softboxes have the same fully adjustable mounting bracket pictured on the Beauty Dish above and it can accommodate very tall profile speedlights. Your flash unit sits outside the back of softbox, making the controls easy and quick to access.

Just as with any softbox the light is very flattering and soothing to your subjects. I especially like using mine in a Rembrandt lighting scenario with this softbox as a single light source. I feel it seems to do it’s best work in this type of lighting situation. They work great with i-TTL or manual mode. I have even been known to set the speedlight in Slave mode, triggering my softbox with the Beauty Dish.

This awesome device from the photography Gods is here.