Aleccia: has the unique European/Russian facial features and bone structure I was referring to in my Beauty Shots article. She’s Drop-Dead Gorgeous, walking in off the street without makeup. She’s also a very talented makeup artist in her own right. Aleccia excels with body language and facial expressions, she has this “come hither look” that drives me insane while looking through the viewfinder. Aleccia is an outstanding poser and is particular about her images, but in a good way. If you you work it and manage to catch her eyes in just the right light her beautiful aqua blue base and stunning texture will pop right off the page. Aleccia has a great personality, she very creative and so much to collaborate and shoot with. Aleccia is signed to a non-exclusive contract with a San Francisco Modeling Agency, her areas of interest and expertise are: Art, Beauty, Commercial, Editorial, Fashion, High Fashion and Glamour. Aleccia’s professional modeling site,  Aleccia’s Country Gurl set. Aleccia’s Hello Kitty set.

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