Kelly Schultz: is en exceptionally gifted Beauty, Fashion, Runway Model and someone I fondly call my niece. She is down to earth and a dedicated professional in every sense of the term. She is highly creative, proactive, personable and very witty. She is always prepared and ready to shoot walking threw the door. Kelly is always busy, but loves to spend as much of her time as possible tearing up the runway for the top designers. She has a captivating runway strut that is flirtatious and fun. She is talented and aware of he poses at all times, she thinks outside of the box and is gifted with a unique captivating style all her own. Kelly, will astonish you for hours with the most unique, flattering poses that never seam to end. She love fashion and high fashion, but when it come to the the sexy stuff, look out! She’ll take your breath away with her repertoire of facial expressions and commanding body langue. Kelly, is signed to a non-exclusive contract with a San Jose commercial Modeling Agency, her areas of interest and expertise are; Art, Beauty, Commercial, Editorial, Fashion, Glamour and Runway. For additional information or direct contact, Please visit her professional site(s); Kelly: Model Mayhem, Kelly’s GlamModelz Interview,  Kelly’s Wallpaper Gallery,